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About Us

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We’re a team of, shall we say, experts, located in ​Monmouth County, NJ who support those of you ​struggling with OCD, anxiety disorders, specific phobias, ​&more! ERP is our go-to approach paired with other ​holistic modalities to provide you specialized treatment ​and care. We get that OCD is not an adjective. Let us ​help you feel empowered enough to work through it.

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We get it.

Mental Health Therapy
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Meet Our Team

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Hey yall! Ive been practicing for 11 years & specializing in OCD ​and anxiety treatment for the past 7. I utilize ERP and CBT ​based practices and continue to learn & incorporate other ​modalities I deem beneficial with each client. I believe we’re in this ​together & look forward to working with you as a team. My own ​mental health journey led me to where I am today. I get it more ​than you know...

Outside of practicing, I love to bake, spend time outside, exercise ​& my most favorite activity yet is enjoying being in my newest role ​as a mommy.

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Michelle is a graduate student at Georgian Court University in the Clinical Mental ​Health Counseling program. Michelle has intensive outpatient experience and has led ​groups on topics such as dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, ​substance abuse, acceptance and commitment therapy, and exposure and response ​prevention.

Michelle believes that compassion and a strong rapport is the hallmark of the ​recovery process. Michelle’s lived experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder is what ​inspired her to become a therapist, so she knows how isolated it can make someone ​feel.

Outside of being a therapist and a graduate student, Michelle is a life-long musician ​and has been teaching piano lessons for many years. In her free time, Michelle enjoys ​spending time with family and friends, going outside, and being creative



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Seeking therapy is incredibly brave but can also be somewhat scary.

Sometimes speaking to someone to walk through the initial process can

help ease the scary part. I am happy to support you with that.

I work with young adults in both NJ and NY who deal with anxiety,

depression, identity confusion, and relationship issues. Many of my

clients work on improving confidence, self-esteem and skills and tools

to help deal with life stressors. I have specialized training in

trauma therapy, psychodynamic, and play therapy. I enjoy working with

adults, children and families on improving positive social

interactions. Together, we'll develop strategies to help cope with the

difficulty of life.

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Jamie is a LMSW in NY and NJ who has a passion for using empowering, ​compassionate and gentle therapeutic approaches to work as a partner with clients ​through life's hard moments. Jamie has clinical experience in health care settings, ​school settings, in communities, and virtually.

In addition to being a therapist Jamie has worked as a birth doula, yoga teacher, ​theta healer, reiki master and angel healer.

Populations that Jamie has worked with have a large range from, pregnant persons, ​new moms, families, children ages 6-18 and adults of all ages (18 to mid 60's).

Jamie has gone all around the world for her training and has been working in service ​to others since she was 16 years old and over a decade later still loves it.

Jamie most commonly uses Compassion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral ​Therapy, Sensorimotor Art Therapy, PACT (Psychobiological Approach to Couples ​Therapy) and Spiritual psychology.

You Can Do It!
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  • Individual counseling for all ages
  • Caregiver support
  • Skill building groups
  • Telehealth (for 13+)
  • Couples counseling
  • Art therapy*

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We proudly accept the ​following insurance plans:

Horizon BCBS


United Healthcare



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*Coming Soon

What We Treat

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ​(OCD)

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Separation Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Specific Phobias

Panic Disorders


& more

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How We Treat It

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ERP (Exposure & Response Prevention)

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy)

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

Art Therapy


Group work

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What is ​ERP ​anyway

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Exposure & Response Prevention. Sometimes referred to as the “gold ​standard” treatment for OCD. (You’ll learn a lot more about this ​throughout your treatment process, but here’s a snippet):

Exposure- a client is exposed to feared stimuli gradually

Response Prevention-together with your therapist, you’ll learn how to ​disengage from compulsive behaviors in response to the feared stimulus.

It’s an evidence-based intervention in which a client learns how to “sit ​with their anxiety” with the intention of learning to cope with stressors ​instead of avoid them. We know it sounds scary. It can be! We’re here to ​help you through it.

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Step out of your comfort zone


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Looking to learn how to cope with some of the ​most common symptoms of OCD, anxiety, and ​phobias? Want to meet other people who just ​get it?

Group Therapy Session
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Register now for one of


summer series!

Click the flyers below to

learn more about groups!

Caregiver support

Skill building groups

for kids & teens!


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We had a great time giving back to the OCD community and

representing our practice at the One Million Steps for OCD Walk ​in Clark this past Sunday. So nice seeing all of the supporters and ​contributors. Huge shoutout to IOCDF for always organizing such ​wonderful events to increase awareness. We’ll keep the fundraising ​going year round.

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848 278-7320

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Contact Us!

Current openings
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Mental Health Therapist* (child)

Mental Health Therapist* (adult)

Therapist positions open to LPC, LCSW, LAC, ​LMSW)

Marriage ​& Family Therapist* (LMFT)

Office Manager

Creative Arts Therapist

Mind-Body Instructors

Working with and through OCD and anxiety takes a team when ​first starting out the treatment journey. We’re always looking ​for amazing clinicians and support staff to join our team at ​Nadel Counseling. Whether you’re an associate counselor, ​graduate student, independently licensed therapist, mind-body ​practitioner, creative arts therapist, we’d love to have you! ​Please inquire within if you’re interested in treating people of ​all ages with OCD, anxiety disorders, & specific phobias in a ​fun, warm, and engaging environment.


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email your

resume to


*Please note current therapist positions

are Fee for Service

and require at least 1 in person day in our office